"I have trained with Laurie extensively for over two years and can say with confidence that it is the best thing I have done for myself as an athlete. The Burdenko method has transformed the way my body moves, particularly affecting my coordination and stability in ways that no other conditioning program I have been exposed to addresses. Laurie not only trains the six essential qualities of fitness (coordination, balance, flexibility, endurance, speed, and strength) with a meticulous attention to detail, but also teaches athletes to use these qualities together creating a highly functional unit. I feel the effects of my Burdenko training in every aspect of my daily life, most notably when competing in my sport. With increased body awareness, I better understand how to take feedback from my coaches and make a physical change on the hill, or watch video of World Cup skiers and understand the movement patterns I am trying to achieve. My improved pelvic stability allows me to withstand the many forces exerted on a downhill skier. Laurie’s unique approach to strength and flexibility has made me more powerful throughout my full ranges of motion. Additionally, Laurie has given me the tools to know and take care of my body, enabling me to perform at my full potential when it counts. Training with Laurie took me to the next level as a skier. I cannot overstate how much she helped me to reach my goal of skiing Division I. Thank you!"
- Payton, Athlete, Williams College Ski Team

“You have made me the athlete that I am today. Over the past few years, I’ve learned so much from you and feel confident that when I’m away at college I will know how to take care of my body. I hope one day that The Burdenko Method will be the workout of choice for athletes everywhere.”
- Lindsey, Athlete, University of Massachusetts Amherst Ski Team

“I admire and am thankful for the time you dedicate to making us better athletes, as well as watching us transfer what we learn from you to the lacrosse field. I would not be the same athlete, specifically healthy athlete, if it were not for your program. One of the best parts is that the workouts are always changing, but it’s still easy to see improvement in each quality—balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed and strength.”
- Tamara, Athlete, Franklin & Marshall Lacrosse Team

"As a professional alpine ski coach I have worked with numerous athletes varying from the Jr. level to elite level D1 NCAA athletes.  In ski racing, the 6 essential qualities in which the Burdenko method is based, are the same qualities in which my athletes must posses in order to be successful.  Laurie’s ability to not only train these athletes athletically, but also equally as important teach them body awareness and an understanding about how their body both moves and works.  She takes the time, and forces athletes to take the time in order to learn and execute a correct movement pattern or task.   Laurie stresses that the most important aspect of Burdenko is the awareness and correct positioning of ones pelvis.  I have noticed incredible change in my athletes’ ability to learn and execute new tasks, due to their increased body awareness, as well as a huge jump in performance and results.  Lori has taken middle of the road Jr. athletes and given them the tools and knowledge to now compete at top-level NCAA division 1 colleges.  I would strongly recommend Laurie’s services to any athlete or coach, in all sports, who wants to bring their performance to the next level."
- Steph Peters / Head Women's Alpine Coach, Waterville Valley Academy

"My 2 grand-children aged 10-12 years from WVBBTS ski team have benefited greatly from your ground training and pool training with the Burdenko Method. I have been very impressed by the fantastic progress made in barely three weeks. I noticed some clear changes in abdominal strength, hip posture and dissociation between thoracic and leg movements. Also their coordination, physical strength, speed and endurance were increased in just a total of 9 sessions of 2 hours each. Thanks so much."

- JM Hotermans, MD / former Belgian Ski Champion and international ski racer

Here is a link from the MetroWest Daily News about my son, Peter, and the testament to his hard work on the slopes and off. Peter has trained with me since he was 10 years old and recently became the US National U18 Giant Slalom Champion. Congrats Pete!
Link to MetroWest Daily News Article