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"To be a successful athlete you must possess all six essential qualities of fitness: balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed and strength." 
Igor N. Burdenko, Ph.D. Founder and Chairman 

The Burdenko Method, developed by Igor N. Burdenko, PhD., uses a variety of exercise modalities, creating a challenging workout that promotes these 6 essential qualities of fitness.

Athletes will be introduced to a method of conditioning, training, injury prevention and post rehab exercise that uses a unique combination of water and land exercises.

Athletes will learn about the universal benefits of a functional exercise approach that focuses on using your body to build your body. Every session is coordinated so that each exercise complements the next. This unique workout experience helps maximize results while also conditioning your body to defend injury.


Learn more about the Burdenko Method by watching these videos from Burdenko Certified trainers Dave Jack and Taylor Kruse: