Saturday, August 30, 2014

Using Large Flotation Cuffs on Ankles and Deep Water to Develop Abdominal Strength, Pelvic Stability, Coordination and Flexibility

Here are two elite athletes performing BACK TO VERTICAL ROLLS in the deep water. They have large flotation cuffs on their ankles. As the athletes feel their ankles wanting to float up to the surface,
they quickly realize the importance of engaging their abdominals throughout both of these exercises. The flotation cuffs will "own" them if they are not in charge of their abdominals and pelvic stability.

Please Note:
-the athlete's fight for pelvic alignment (pelvis under the shoulders) throughout the exercises 
-the athlete's fight to maintain coordination as they follow the movement pattern and tend to all the steps of each exercise- even as speed gets added in the 2nd video!

Level 1
rolling in place

Level 2
adding a 1-2-3 movement pattern 
Level 3 
adding speed