Sunday, August 3, 2014

Using Leg Swings with 90 Degree Hop Turns to Train Balance, Coordination, Flexibility and Endurance

We perform many exercises using "Leg Swings" because they train these 3 base qualities an athlete must have to be successful and take their sport to a new level:   1) Balance  2) Coordination  3)Flexibility

If you do not lay a solid foundation of training using these 3 crucial qualities you will never be able to truly access speed, strength or endurance! 

Here are two elite ski racers performing "Leg Swings with 90 degree hop turns" while traveling in a 1 2 3 running pattern.

-the athlete's fight to keep their pelvis stable as well as aligned under their shoulders throughout the exercise
-the athlete's fight to use their arms to counter balance their lower body movements 
-the athlete's fight to jump " up " with each hop to stay light with their landings
-the athlete's fight to turn exactly 90 degrees and lead each turn with the back leg swing
-the athlete's fight to coordinate their stick movements with every leg swing as they follow the 1 2 3 movement pattern