Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Go Down, Stay Down and Get It"

Watch this group of soccer players and ski racers performing the exercise, "Go Down, Stay Down and Get It". The athletes are training their balance. coordination, flexibility, and strength as they perform the exercise forward as well as backward.

-the athlete's fight to stay down in their deep squat and lift the leg up off the ground by loading the stable leg
-the athlete's need for core engagement as they come out of their squat on one leg.
-the athlete's fight to balance on one leg, stand tall and finally power up into a strong one-legged hop   (landing the hop lightly and controlled)
- the athlete's need to connect their brain to their movements as they coordinate the 1-2-3 running pattern with the squat exercise
- the athlete's fight to stay light with their feet as they gracefully perform the exercise