Monday, June 16, 2014

LEG - SWING HOPS are a great exercise to work on Balance, Coordination, Flexibility and Endurance

We use LEG SWINGS to address balance, coordination. flexibility and.... even endurance.

Below are 2 videos of a recent workout I did with some ski racers and soccer players. They were all focusing on coordinating the timing of BOTH arms with each FORWARD leg swing as well as timing the 2 arms with each BACKWARD leg swing. That is COORDINATION!

The athletes were primarily focusing on feeling their BACK arm swing as well as their FORWARD arm.
(Athletes often move with no connection to the BACK ARM and the need to coordinate the legs with the movements of BOTH arms - not just their forward arm!)

The athletes tried to feel the arm movements counter-balancing the leg movements as they coordinated the hops with each forward swing.

Also Note-  the athlete's attention to jumping "up" and,  in turn, landing lightly with their feet.

Also Note- the athlete's struggle for pelvic alignment as they try to keep their pelvis under their shoulders and chest and head up

Also note - the stability of their ankles as they try to hop and land with control by engaging their abdominals