Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Sit-ups to side rolls with a lateral leg lift" challenge balance, coordination, pelvic strength and body control

Here are a group of athletes performing "sit-ups to side rolls with a lateral leg lift"

-the fight to keep the neck aligned with the spine as they lead their sit-up with their chest (not thrusting their head forward to use momentum)

-the fight to keep their pelvis forward in the side lying position (no break at the waist)

- the fight to keep their feet aligned and legs parallel as they hold their lateral leg lift

-the coordination required to follow the movement pattern

-the stability of their pelvis through out the exercise as they keep their stabilizing leg engaged

                                                                            LEVEL 1

-while balancing on their hip, the athletes add a glute kick as they hold the lateral leg lift and maintain parallel legs