Sunday, October 27, 2013

Young Athletes Need Lots of Coordination and Balance Training

Young athlete's bodies are growing and changing every month. This means their center of gravity is changing constantly. As they try to adjust to their changing center of mass, they tend to move awkwardly with heavy feet, no body control, little coordination and most importantly- NO PELVIC STABILITY.

Playing 4-5 sports a year, sometimes on 2-3 teams in one season will not develop these qualities. If they spend time training their coordination and balance and pelvic stability at a young age, they can then add speed and strength to a solid foundation. Developing a coordinated, balanced and stable base will lead to more fluid, graceful and efficient movement patterns.  As a result, these young athletes will experience less injuries and better performance in their sports.

This type of coordination training should be in every elementary Physical Education program. Stimulating the brain while exercising wakes up neurological pathways that are shut down! It will improve an athletes ability to focus on and off the field.

Here are 4 of our 11-12 year old athletes (all ski racers) training together. Watch their focus as they try to link their arm movements with their leg movements.