Saturday, October 5, 2013

Part Two- Burdenko Deep Water Conditioning Delivers Huge Benefits to Pregnant Women

Burdenko Deep Water Conditioning is not just for athletes. Pregnant women can also benefit tremendously from exercising in deep water. Women carry a heavy "load" during their 9 month pregnancy and, as a result, put tremendous stress on their spines and joints. Exercising in deep water allows a pregnant woman to be free of gravity and therefore, free to move in ranges they normally would not be able to obtain on land. By wearing a flotation device around their center of buoyancy (their hips) and maintaining vertical alignment of their upper body in the deep water, an opposite force at their spine can occur. As their body sinks, the float pushes their body upward and, as a result, puts their spine in traction.  They can now elongate and decompress their spines.

Here is a young woman in her 3rd trimester exercising in deep water.

As she maintains vertical alignment of her spine, she can now benefit from elongating and decompressing her spine as well as her joints. She can also make huge flexibility gains due to the alignment of her spine and joints as she moves in this gravity- free environment.