Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Vertical Position in Deep Water Decompresses An Athlete's Spine and Joints

We always end our workouts spending time in the vertical position in deep water. Here is what Dr Burdenko says about the power of deep water and vertical alignment:

 "TRACTION is one of the strongest benefits of water. When floating in deep water(in the vertical position) with a flotation device, water creates natural traction in your body. The buoyancy of water (and a flotation device) pulls you up. Gravity pulls you down. The pull in both directions creates more space between joints and stretches muscles, creating traction. More space between joints and stretched muscles increases circulation and allows for more freedom of movement, enhancing range of motion and flexibility. Traction helps stretch back muscles and creates more space between vertebrae, helping to align the body, reduce stress, and increase circulation."

Here are some of our athletes benefiting from working out with high intensity in the vertical position in deep water. At the same time, they are recovering their muscles, joints and spines from the heavy impact of the land workout an hour before.