Saturday, May 25, 2013

Switch Lunge Hops

Here are some athletes performing SWITCH LUNGE HOPS while traveling backwards. The athletes are coordinating a diagonal pull down of the stick to the hip at the same time. NOTE- the stability of their landings due to the alignment of their pelvis under their shoulders. NOTE- the athlete's fight to stay "square" with their upper body as they bring the stick to the opposite hip. NOTE- The athletes are coordinating the movement of their arms with their legs. They are able to get height with their jumps when they connect the extension of their arms to the jumping movement. Once they get height, they can land their lunge lightly. LEVEL 1/2 SLOW /MEDIUM NOW THE ATHLETES CAN ADD LEVEL 3 (FAST SPEED) --BUT NOT SO FAST THAT THEY SACRIFICE THE STABILIZATION OF THEIR PELVIS, THE COORDINATION AND TIMING OF THEIR ARMS AND LEGS, JUMP HEIGHT AND LIGHT LANDINGS