Thursday, May 16, 2013

Training to Stabilize the Pelvis is Crucial for Injury Prevention

Training to stabilize the pelvis is crucial for injury prevention in all athletes. Your pelvis is only stabilized when it is moving in 100% alignment with your shoulders. Imagine a steel rod is attached from your hips to your shoulders - the rod would not allow your hips to "break" and would force you to be perfectly aligned from pelvis to shoulders. An athlete maintains this alignment while they train by learning to move with a "tight shield" or contracted abdominals. Once they learn to create that strong shield of abdominals, they can maintain their pelvic alignment while training and eventually in their sport. As athletes gain pelvic alignment and strength, they can leap, lunge, cut, or change directions on a field, court, ice, or ski slope and solidly maintain their momentum because the movement is being controlled by their pelvic strength. Controlling movement from the pelvis will help the athlete be in a balanced position and therefore, prevent them from over-lunging or over-cutting and save their knees and ankles from taking the brunt of the move.

Watch these videos of one of my soccer players training to stabilize his pelvis-