Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Young Athletes Need to Develop a Functioning Base Before Focusing on Speed or Strength

Young athletes must develop BALANCE, COORDINATION and FLEXIBILITY as their foundation before endurance, speed and strength can be addressed.

The only way BALANCE, COORDINATION and FLEXIBILITY can be addressed in a young athlete is to develop their PELVIC STABILITY!

An athlete who spends endless hours in a weight room lifting weights will not be able to access the strength they are trying to develop if they have no stability in their pelvis.


Here are some videos of a young athlete developing his pelvic stability. He is also addressing his balance, coordination and flexiblity in each video-
         -his arms and legs look connected or "coordinated"
         -his balance as he moves forward and then backwards
         -his fight to not allow a "break" at his pelvis
         -the vertical alignment of his spine



Now that he is stabilizing his pelvis and he he in charge of his coordination and balance, he can add SPEED changes and STRENGTH by connecting his arms with the" rubber band-like" tubing on his belt while still making the coordination more challenging