Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Horizontal Position in the Water- Very Difficult but Very Necessary for Every Athlete's Pelvic Alignment!

Your body is in ALIGNMENT when your pelvis is in line with your shoulders. We train our athletes on land and in the water to maintain proper alignment of the pelvis and shoulders as well as alignment of every joint in every exercise. In the water we emphasize training in both the vertical position and the horizontal position. The vertical position is an upright functional position that requires pelvic strength and pelvic stability to be able to keep the pelvis under the shoulders. The horizontal position is laying horizontally on the surface pushing the hips up to the surface to achieve proper alignment of the pelvis being in line with the shoulders. It is very difficult for athletes to keep their hips up on the surface due to weak lower abdominal muscles and pelvic stabilizing muscles.

"Without addressing alignment, the efficiency of exercise is diminished and the athlete will not have the results they expect." -Igor N. Burdenko, PhD. ( Founder of Burdenko Water and Sports Therapy Institute)

Here are some videos of ski racing athletes training in the horizontal position-

- Note the athletes fighting to keep their hips on the surface and maintain alignment of their pelvis and shoulders.
-Note the athletes also fighting to keep their knees and ankles aligned by keeping them parallel and facing forward or "squared off"