Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here are some photos of some land workouts my athletes did last fall

Continuous high tuck jumps with long tubing in hands
Focus is on speed of arms while coordinating pulling tubing in and out in the air before each squat landing 
Arrow push-ups with gymnastics rings
Focus is on strength, balance and coordination
Jumping in an on/ off/ over pattern while moving down a line of bosu balls
Focus is on coordination, endurance and speed
Jumping rope moving sidewards while doing carioca
Focus is on coordination and endurance
Inverted rows with gymnastics rings on an unstable surface  
Focus is on strength and balance

Traveling with continuous lunges using stick to promote proper alignment of the spine
Focus is on coordination and strength
Continuous side leaping while coordinating arm swings with every jump
Focus is on coordination, height of jumps, soft landings and staying square

Depth squat jumps in a row
Developing coordination and power with good alignment
Landing squat jumps
Focus is on absorbing squat with hamstrings and alignment of spine

Traveling in statue of liberty to tippy bird marches on a foam balance beam
Focus is on balance and coordinatio
Continuous high mule kicks landing in deep squats while traveling down line of benches
Focus is on speed of kicks and light landings
Explosive push up to opposite arm and opposite leg stance
Focus is on speed, strength and balance
Tic-tocs on gymnastics rings
Focus is on slow speed with controlled movements
Combat crawling
Focus is on strength, coordination and flexibility
L-Sits on Gymnastic Rings
Focus is on static strength and flexibility